Best Push Tricycle for Toddlers

Best Push Tricycle for Toddlers

Before swallowing the miles on their first bike, children usually train on tricycles, as strong as they are stable, thanks to their three large wheels. Enough to teach your little ones to pedal safely, but also to develop their sense of balance and better coordinate their movements.

Evolutionary tricycles have the advantage of adapting to your child’s evolutions, by offering different modes of use, from a simple contemplative walk thanks to the directional cane used by the parents, to the walk in autonomy. Here is my buying guide on the best push tricycles of the moment according to your budget.

Listed 5 Best Push Tricycle for Toddlers

Smoby Tricycle

SMOBY Tricycle Enfant Evolutif Be Fun Confort Rose
  • Progressive tricycle for children from 10 months to 3 years and older.
  • Sturdy tricycle with an ergonomic design, and a rear tipper skip
  • Safety: metal frame, retractable footrest, safety belt and ring, free wheel system on front wheel, possibility to lock child's steering when the parent is pushing the trike
  • OFFICIAL - Smoby toy by Simba
  • Comfort: double adjustable parent handle (3 height levels), nursery bag, ergonomic and enveloping seat to support child's back, adjustable seat (2 positions), non-skid pedals.

Smoby tricycle is an evolving tricycle designed to accompany children from an early age.

  • It has a double parental cane removable and adjustable in height.
  • Practical for carrying the snack and the blanket, this tricycle has a bag attached to the cane.
  • The seat is enveloping, ergonomic and adjustable.
  • The Be Move Comfort Smoby tricycle has non-slip pedals.

A solid and safe tricycle

Smoby tricycle offers optimal safety to the little ones, enough to reassure parents. This tricycle has:

  • A roll bar and a seat belt
  • A “freewheel” system at the front to prevent the pedals from turning when parents push the tricycle
  • A handlebar lock device to prevent children from interfering in the steering when parents are riding the tricycle
  • Retractable footrests

Robust and strong, this small bike has a steel frame and weighs 5.51 kg.

Smoby Tricycle with Improved Safety Features

Smoby Push Along Toddler Trike with Headrest, Removable Parent Handle and Improved Safety Features, Pink
  • This stylish and smart trike with parent handle is designed with your comfort and ease-of-use in mind. The smooth, intuitive steering system allows you to navigate easily and smoothly using only minimal pressure for turning. There is a handy, removable bag which stores essentials on your travels. You can transfer steering control from child to parent easily.
  • The trike is designed with your child's safety and comfort in mind. A 360% canopy protects your child from harsh rays. The ergonomic headrest, adjustable seats, and retractable footrests can all be altered so it fits your child for maximum comfort. Your child will be held safely and protected by a well-designed safety harness and roll-bar.
  • Seamless ease-of-use means that a ring on the handlebar allows you to switch between parent steering to child steering. A freewheel system means the pedals can be used as a footrest to allow your child to rest while you steer and push. The handle is fully adjustable for your comfort.
  • The parent handle can be removed to turn the trike into the perfect "My First Trike". This trike for 1 year old will be a treasured part of your family memories as you watch your child gain their first taste of freedom on wheels. Watch as they explore their world with confidence on this safe and well-designed toddler tricycle.
  • Suitable for children from 10 months to 5 years. Weight 5.46 Kg Assembly size is L.68 x W.52 x H.101. Enjoy pleasant walks as the rubber wheels allow you to travel in comfort and peace. Intuitive, smooth steering and movement. High-quality materials used for harness and parts. Metal structure. Made in Spain.

Among the best-selling products of the Smoby brand, the Baby Balade 2 tricycle is an evolutionary model designed to support children from an early age in learning to cycle. Practical and safe, this small vehicle is a delight for both parents and children.

A sturdy and durable tricycle

Smoby has found an unstoppable solution for parents who want to see their kitties on a bike. This tricycle 2 e age is expected to last, because it is made with solid materials.

Ergonomic, this tricycle gives the child a taste of bike rides, while giving him a feeling of self-confidence, until he has mastered two wheels.

Comfort, stability and safety

The Baby Balade tricycle has a careful design both in terms of color and the choice of equipment that accompanies it.

Baby will be very comfortable, this model has a removable headrest with a 360 ° umbrella to protect it from the sun.

For flawless safety, the safety harness is reliable, in addition to the parent cane that you can remove when not in use. Baby will have fun pressing the horn when needed.

Smartrike tricycle

smarTrike 2 in 1 Fun
  • Removable parent handle
  • Adjustable Seat, Seat Belt
  • Press-out clutch for freewheeling, Non slip pedals, EVA Wheels
  • Basket with lid
  • Recommended for ages 15 – 36 months

The Smartrike fun tricycle is designed to evolve with the children. A removable bar allows parents to push the little ones who do not yet know how to pedal on their own. Practical, it has a storage compartment to take a snack, waistcoat and blanket. The three wheels are made of rubber for added strength.

To learn the basics of cycling safely

The Smartrike fun tricycle has a seat belt to prevent falls. It also has a “freewheel” function so the pedals do not spin when parents use the cane. This robust tricycle has a steel frame and weighs 4.3 kg.

SmarTrike STR3 Folding Toddler Tricycle

smarTrike Toddler Tricycle Stroller, Compact Bike Stroller for Kids, Easy Push Tricycle Kids Stroller Doubles as a Toddler Bike, Baby Tricycle for 1, 2, 3 Years Old Adjusts and Folds (Red, STR3)
  • 🎁 SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY - Our bike stroller uses the classic tricycle design with modern safety upgrades to ensure everyone has a safe experience. That’s why it’s the perfect stroller for toddlers 1-3 years old, and a kids tricycle ages 2-4 years old
  • 🎁 ADJUSTS AS THEY GROW - We deliver more than a baby bicycle. Our stroller bikes provide a unique design that lets you encourage their independence at every age. The SmarTrike 3 in 1 tricycle concept enables curiosity at any age!
  • 🎁 TOUCH STEERING TECHNOLOGY - Our toddler stroller for a 3 year old or younger takes the stroll ‘n trike idea to new levels. One hand is all you need to adjust the ride’s direction, with a simple control button shifting between parent and child controls
  • 🎁 MULTI-CONFIGURATION MODULAR DESIGN - Instead of insisting on a singular static design, we deliver an easy-fold, tool-free assembly with multiple patents. Even though it’s a great trike for a 1 year old, we want you to enjoy this investment for years!
  • 🎁 HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Kids are tough on stuff. A toddler trike must be more than a pushing tricycle. It is a versatile tool you can take to the park, the mall, and everywhere else you go. We want you to find the next adventure together!

The STR3 Smartrike tricycle is foldable and upgradeable for children aged 10 to 36 months. It is equipped with several equipment allowing it to adapt to the evolution of children:

  • Five-point harness and crotch strap to prevent slipping
  • A telescopic parent cane, adjustable in height to push the tricycle
  • A brake system on the wheels allowing parents to control the tricycle
  • Removable pedals (non-slip or folding footrest for the little ones)
  • A hood to protect from the sun and light rain
  • A storage bag
  • A roll bar

Convenient and compact

Easy to use on its own, the STR3 Smartrike can be folded up in no time at all. A simple button allows the rapid transfer of control of the trike from parent to child. The STR3 Smartrike tricycle is equipped with shock absorbers allowing children to enjoy their ride comfortably and safely. This Smartrike tricycle weighs 9.55 kg.

Kinderkraft Aveo Evolutionary Tricycle

Already widely approved for its strollers and balance bikes, Kinderkraft offers its version of the evolutionary tricycle with the Aveo model. Its modular and scalable design follows the progress of the child, and gradually teaches him how to ride a bike.


  • Driving facing the road or facing the parent: seat rotates 180 °
  • Parental handle and removable wheels to transform into a bike
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness + safety barrier and rear wheel brakes
  • Foldable metal model in compact format
  • “Freewheel” system + footrest for the little ones
  • Adjustable handle at parent’s height + storage bag
  • Extendable hood to protect from sun and rain
  • Padded EVA puncture-proof wheels
  • Accessories included: bag for small items, large basket behind the seat, small handlebar basket, cup holder and bell.
  • Parent cane height: 93-108cm (three levels of adjustment)
  • Max supported weight: 25 kg
  • Weight of the tricycle 10 kg

How to choose a best Push tricycle for toddlers?

Learning to ride a bike is an important step in life, and it is best to get started at an early age. Indeed, some people who did not start until adulthood have great difficulty in understanding the notion of balance, and others will never succeed, or will not master their mount perfectly.

Nowadays, there are evolutionary tricycles, some templates are available from the 9th month of the child. The models are numerous and different, it will be necessary to compare well if you want to find the evolutionary tricycle which will be the most adapted to your needs and your budget. Here are some criteria to check before purchasing.

The age of the child

While some models are available from the 9th month of the child, others are rather recommended for children from 1 year and a half. For babies, the model needs to have certain safety features, such as a 3-point safety belt or harness, roll bar, sun visor, etc. The baby seat is also different from that of a 2 year old child, for example.

Gender does not matter, however, there is a boy’s push tricycle and a girl’s tricycle. It’s mostly a question of color. For example, a pink evolutionary tricycle isn’t exactly made for a boy. Differences in accessories (baskets, tipper, etc.) may also exist, but this is quite rare.

The scalability of the tricycle

Often, we find evolutionary 4 in 1 tricycle. This means that the tricycle is able to transform into X different versions, according to the needs and the morphology of the child, by installing / uninstalling certain removable parts. Thus, for example, at 9 months, the child sits in a baby seat with footrests at its size, a roll bar, a sun visor, and a parental handlebar. When it is bigger, some parts will be removed or replaced, such as footrests, baby seat, roll bar, sun visor, etc.

Once the child has the necessary skills to steer and pedal their machine on their own, the parental handlebars will be removed, the handlebars and pedals will be activated, etc. It is preferable that the evolutionary tricycle offers the maximum of transformation and adjustments, so that it can evolve with the child over the years.


The very first kids tricycle models had plastic tires. These had the advantage of being indestructible, but they made a lot of noise especially indoors, and had grip problems. Today’s models have rubber wheels, which are more comfortable and quieter, while remaining indestructible.

Comfort also affects many parts of the machine, including the most important, the seat or the saddle. This part should not be all plastic, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable. Prefer quilted or foam models. The parental handlebars should also be ergonomic with non-slip parts for better control. The footrests must also be ergonomic, to offer greater comfort to the child.


It goes without saying, the push tricycle is above all a toy for the child. It must therefore be attractive to her eyes, with cool colors. While some models have a functional appearance, others have a sportier and cooler look. At this level, everyone has their own tastes and colors.


Generally speaking, push tricycles have a sturdy steel frame. These are the other parts that must be checked, if we want to guarantee the longevity of the machine. Basically, a heavy duty evolutionary tricycle has been designed with strong and durable materials. Be careful all the same to check the maneuverability of the machine, to see in the comments of the users.